Five-weeks program to pilot with corporate partners

Up2B Product Booster

Five-weeks program to pilot with corporate partners.

07th November – 09th December 2022

What Up2B Product Booster offers you

Project budget included

Pilot with a corporate partner

Additional coachings by B2B experts

Who you are

What you can expect

  • You are a digital or high-tech startup with a clear B2B focus
  • You can solve a challenge of our corporate partners (see challenges below)
  • You already have a prototype or MVP
  • You want to find pilot customers

Program Location

Heidelberg, Mannheim and Walldorf

Program Period

07th November – 09th December 2022

Program Language


What you can expect

Week 1: On the first day you will meet corporate partners which are interested to run a pilot with you within the next five weeks. You will clarify the project scope and the expectations with your corporate. Additionally, we will support you in working together with corporate partner. How? By giving you some trainings in communication, sales and pitching.

Week 2 – 4: Serving your pilot partners will keep you busy. You will work together with your corporate partner. If you need, you can get the support of product experts that will support you to optimize your product.

Week 5: At the final day it´s all about you and the work you have accomplished the last five weeks! You will pitch your solution you have build with your corporate partner to other corporates from the south-west of Germany. They will get to know you to screen whether your product suits their business needs. You leave the program with contacts to more pilot customers.

Up2B ProductBooster – the fastest track to your customer! 

  • Contacts to corporates that want to pilot with you
  • Project budget included
  • Access to our corporate network with 20+ corporates from DAX and German Mittelstand
  • High-quality workshops to polish your product
  • Free participation incl. food and drinks
  • Optional: One-on-one mentoring sessions with experts (IT-Lawyer, Software-Developer, UX Consultants, CEOs/CTOs etc.)

Apply now until 3rd October 2021!


Who can apply?

Startups from the field of IT, digital and high-tech with a B2B focus!

When is the application deadline?

On October 16th 2022, 23:59. We can not consider further applications after the deadline.

I am the only founder in the company. Can I apply?

Yes, you can! We also consider startups with only one founder for the Product Booster program!

We have not founded the company yet. Can we also apply?

Yes, we consider startups no matter if they have founded a company already or not.

When do you decide if our team can participate in the Product Booster?

The Product Booster organization team will decide on 06th October latest if you are among the participants. There might be the possibility to contact you via Skype or Phone if we have some question regarding your startup and your team.

Is it necessary to be on site every day for the whole team?

At least one of you has be present during the program period. No show is an exclusion criteria.

Is it necessary to be on site every day for the whole team?

At least one of you has be present during the program period. No show is an exclusion criteria.

Do we have to pay for the participation or give shares of our company?

No, the program is for free! We also do not take any equity!

What is the program language?

English! All workshops, presentations and your pitches as well as your application have to be in english, since we expect also international participants. Some of our experts and mentors as well as investors are international too.

We do have further questions. Who can we contact?

Please contact Paul Becker, Startup-Support Manager and head of the Up2B Product Booster program

Phone: + 49 178 1918168

What is Start-up BW Pre-Seed?

The Baden-Württemberg government will pilot a new pre-seed investment program in which participants of an accelerator get the chance of a typically 200 k€ ticket.  After the final of each Up2B program a jury will nominate the most convincing start-up teams to participate in the pre-seed program. If the nominees succeed in convincing the pre-seed committee, a financing of 200 k€ is secured.

Due to Covid-19 outbreak, will the sessions take place in a virtual format?

Right now we plan to bring together all corporates and startups onsite in Heidelberg. We will do the best to ensure the safety of all our participants. If the situation changes, all sessions will take place as a virtual format.

Your contact person

Paul Becker

Startup Support and Corporate Engagement Manager – Technologiepark Heidelberg

+ 49 178 1918168


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