Redesigned Up2B Breakthrough – B2B startups can apply now!

Our redesigned Up2B Breakthrough program is live now. We took all the feedback together from the last Breakthrough programs and tailored the program to B2B startups.

You’ve stumbled across a potential customer need but are not sure about whether it’s a problem worth solving? You’ve gathered one or two potential co-founders but don’t know about how to create a fast-growing startup?

Up2B Breakthough is all about getting a clear picture about what we call problem-solution fit. We’ll support you in asking the right questions and find potential customers. You’ll also learn a lot about best-practice in starting a company.

The workshops, one-on-one coachings and customer deep-dives will take Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday to Sunday you will find enough time to implement your insights. If you need, with our support!

After getting a clear picture about your startup, your business model and growth strategy, you will get the chance to pitch for BW Pre-Seed and get access to our network of potential customers. Getting forward will require you passion and work. Only the best startups will make it to reach investors and potential customers.


Breakthrough 2020 – six-weeks intensive program for B2B startups! Application open until 15th March.

What B2B startups get in six weeks:

  • Selected business workshops
  • One-on-one consulting with B2B experts
  • First contacts to potential customers
  • The opportunity to receive €200,000 with the Pre-Seed BW program (more information on the website)

Program period: 20th April – 29th May 2020

The program is free of charge! Apply until 15th March 2020, 23:59 UTC at:

Startup of the month January 2020 – RefundRebel

We’re always very proud to see startups that formerly participated in one of our Up2B programs grow and develop.

Refundrebel helps people traveling by train to get their proper refund in case of a delay without a lot of effort and pain. Their goal is to educate everyone using public transport about their passenger rights. They have a unique database of all train delays in Germany, which enables them to check in advance whether there’s a chance for a refund.

Refundrebel was founded in 2017 and is operating from Heidelberg. Since their founding, the level of automation has increased rapidly. They use OCR (optical character recognition) to read all relevant information out of a photo of the customer’s train ticket. The software can be used with almost all booking systems for business travelers, which means that refunds are automatically requested for the companies using these systems.

Refundrebel estimates its market potential to be huge. Accordingly, 2.1 Million requests for refund have been submitted to Deutsche Bahn last year. In the future, they are planning on developing another tool that would enable customers to estimate whether a certain connection is reliable in terms of delays by using big data analysis. Furthermore, they want to give valuable advice to their customers on how to avoid delays by booking cleverly and on how to even save money by doing so.

In February 2018 RefundRebel has been the winner of the Up2B Firecamp and got in touch with their main investor at the finale for the first time.

We’re excited to see Refundrebel grow!

Refundrebel recently gave an interview on what they have already achieved since their founding and what’s to come next.

Read the full interview here:

Up2B Firecamp – 12 startups connected with corporates and investors

Finale above the roofs of Heidelberg

We were delighted to receive the positive feedback at the Up2B Accelerator finale on July 19, 2019 in Heidelberg. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending and filling the event with life.

105 guests – founders, investors, business angels, partners from the industry and politics – attended our event above the roofs of Heidelberg last Friday, July 19, 2019. Twelve B2B startups from the high-tech and IT sectors presented their solutions and business models in front of the guests and 27 investors.

1st place: abaut

2nd place: apheris AI

3rd place: Vypno

Twelve startup teams were successfully supported in their market entry during the Up2B Firecamp program by the Technologiepark Heidelberg, Startup Mannheim and innoWerft Walldorf. The five-day programme brought the startups into contact with companies, investors and market experts.

The Up2B Accelerator is a joint project of Technologiepark Heidelberg, Startup Mannheim and innoWerft Walldorf and is financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the European Social Fund (ESF).

From prototype to market-readiness in four weeks: Up2B ProductBooster completed!

Eight startups worked together with experts for four weeks to improve their software. Program completed with a Corporate Speed Dating: The startups presented their products to the corporates.

“So far, we’ve supported startups in our accelerator programs, especially on business topics, developed marketing strategies with them and linked them with investors. With Up2B ProductBooster we go one step further: The Up2B ProductBooster focuses on improving the software, “says Thomas Prexl, head of the startup support office and one of the minds behind the Up2B Accelerator. In order to make the leap from prototype to market, eight IT startups worked four weeks in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Walldorf on their software solutions (B2B), which they presented to company representatives on Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

The startups had 9 minutes time to inspire eleven company representatives. The so-called Corporate Speed ​​Dating was the highlight of the Accelerator program. After four weeks of intensive work, the young entrepreneurs received feedback and valuable company contacts. The best startup won a check in the amount of 750 euros. Sparkasse Heidelberg sponsored the prize money.

The jury decided about the winner: Prospeum from Stuttgart. The founders Philipp Rathjen, Daniel Soller and Friedrich Kern offer a cloud-based service for the optimization of purchasing processes. Complex tasks are simplified by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The three founders and award winners were impressed by the new program: “Without Up2B Product Booster, we would not have progressed so fast with our software – we also learned how to develop a user-friendly interface. But the most important thing for us is the contact to experts and mentors in the field of product development “. The second and third place was awarded to Industry List from Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt and Treye Tech from Mannheim.

Companies participating at the finale event:
KSB, HI Innovation, etventure, EnBW, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, SAP, Sovanta, edataconsulting, OSconomy, Netzwerk Smart Production and ABB

Prospeum, SFMS, Retest, Industry List, Treye Tech, Palin, Home Network, Gentleminds

Newest program started: Up2B ProductBooster will accelerate 8 startups.

Eight startups will optimize their products with the UP2B Product Booster in the areas of digital technologies and IT.

The four-week UP2B ProductBooster program kicked off on November 5th: Program Manager Paul Becker invited the founders to further develop their products with the help of experts and workshops.

The startups give an insight into the state of their ideas and digital products. With, for example, Dennis Westermann wants to offer a solution for Internet site operators who want to make their pages more user-friendly – how does a user view the page on their smartphone? How fast is it structured? This can be found quickly and automatically with the software from

While enjoying pizza and beer, the founders have the opportunity to get to know each other personally and to expand their own network

The program ends on Wednesday, 28th November – after the work on the products – with a great opportunity for the founders: They meet potential customers. The so-called “Corporate Speed ​​Dating” is the highlight of the ProductBooster program. The founders get a short window of time to convince the entrepreneurs that they can profitably use their product. In addition, one of the eight startups will be honored this evening and will receive prize money from the Sparkasse Heidelberg.
The UP2B ProductBooster complements the two programs of startup BW Accelerator UP2B: The six-week Breakthrough program helps develop a business plan business idea, and the five-day Firecamp focuses on mentoring and initial investor contact. To make the leap from prototype to market, there is now the Product Booster. The organizers InnoWerft GmbH, Technologiepark Heidelberg and Startup Mannheim are pleased to receive numerous applications and would like to accompany founders with the UP2B ProductBooster on their way to success.

The following start-ups participate in the UP2B ProductBooster program:
Industry List
Treye tech
SFM Systems

Up2B Firecamp 2017 winner @ TV show Höhle der Löwen

The winner of our Up2B Firecamp 2017, Andreas Widmann, founder and CEO of RoadAds interactive, pitched at the TV Show Höhle der Löwen!

What a success! We loved to see one of our startups being so successful.

By the way: Andreas got a 750k deal in the show, but the deal was not realized afterwords. But: Andreas found another investor from Mannheim!

Up2B Breakthrough: Demo & investors day after six weeks of hard work

What a glorious final day of the Up2B 🚀Breakthrough🚀

After 6 weeks of hard work, coaching and networking the performance of the teams at the final in front of many investors and corporates was outstanding!

And the winners️🏆,️ selected by investors & corporates are:
1st place: Treye Tech
2nd place: pododesk 
3rd place: Riso

Congratz from our side! 

Finally, our new Up2B program is live: Check the four-week ProductBooster!

This is a day the Up2B team has been waiting for a long time.

After almost seven months of conceptualizing, pivoting, improving and talking to many experts and startups, the team of the Up2B accelerator is ready to publish its new program, the Up2B ProductBooster.
From now on, we will not only support startups in business related fields and networking with investors and corporates, but also in product related fields – helping startups actively to improve their products. From MVP to customer readiness! Here wo go!

The ProductBooster program offers startups:

– High-quality workshops to polish your product
– One-on-one mentoring sessions with product experts (IT-Lawyer, Software-Developer, UX Consultants, CEOs/CTOs etc.)
– A Corporate Speed Dating with decision makers from multinational companies
– Opportunity to receive € 100,000 with pre-seed bw program (more information on the website)

Only eight startups will have the chance to participate from 5th Nov. – 28th Nov.

More information and application:

Up2B Breakthrough application open with the 1st time chance to get 100.000€ pre-seed bw investment

The application form for our six-weeks program is open! Get ready to build your business! For entrepreneurs seeking for intensive support and networks to validate their business.

Apply here:

What you get

You come with a vague idea of a future business and you leave with a sound B2B business model, proven product knowledge, and connections with potential partners and customers respectively. You and your team mates have six weeks’ time to develop your founder team as well as your business idea towards a validation-ready business model.

Who should apply

Up2B Breakthrough is our early-stage program. Yet, applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A tech business concept with B2B focus
  • From the field of IT, digital or high-tech
  • In the early-stage with a vague idea of a future business

Program objective

After successful completion of our Up2B Breakthrough program, participants will have

  • Knowledge about how to turn a business idea into a validation-ready business model
  • Contact to pre-seed investors
  • First contacts to potential clients

Plus: Pre-seed bw – your chance for 100.000€ investment

The Baden-Württemberg government will pilot a new pre-seed investment program in which the Up2B accelerator will participate as a partner. Tickets of typically 100 k€ will be available for Up2B participants. After the final of each Up2B program, a jury will nominate the most convincing start-up teams to participate in the pre-seed program. If the nominees succeed in convincing the pre-seed committee, a financing of 100 k€ is secured.


Apply now to become a part of our Up2B Breakthrough 2018!

Up2B Firecamp #2: High-potential startups have been accelerated again!

The second Up2B Firecamp in 2018 was a success again. The feedback from investors, corporates, startups and guests could not be better!

After 5 days of hard work, coaching and networking the performance of the teams at the Firecamp final in front of many investors was outstanding again!

And the winners️ selected by the jury of investors and corporate representatives, are:
1st place: MemoMeister
2nd place: PomoDone
3rd place: SFM Systems

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the Firecamp!

Before the final, the twelve teams had the chance to talk to twelve corporates at the corporate speed dating and listen to the keynote of Michael Heimrich, Innovation Manager of Recaro.

After the final, many business were exchanged with investors and corporates.

During the Firecamp week, the Technologiepark HeidelbergStartup Mannheim & innoWerft – Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Walldorf Stiftung GmbH have successfully supported 12 startup teams and helped them entering the market as well as prepared them for an investment.

We would like to thank all visitors, the jury team, all mentors and the corporate representatives for the great support during the whole week!!!