Newest program started: Up2B ProductBooster will accelerate 8 startups.

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Eight startups will optimize their products with the UP2B Product Booster in the areas of digital technologies and IT.
The four-week UP2B ProductBooster program kicked off on November 5th: Program Manager Paul Becker invited the founders to further develop their products with the help of experts and workshops.
The startups give an insight into the state of their ideas and digital products. With, for example, Dennis Westermann wants to offer a solution for Internet site operators who want to make their pages more user-friendly – how does a user view the page on their smartphone? How fast is it structured? This can be found quickly and automatically with the software from
While enjoying pizza and beer, the founders have the opportunity to get to know each other personally and to expand their own network
The program ends on Wednesday, 28th November – after the work on the products – with a great opportunity for the founders: They meet potential customers. The so-called “Corporate Speed ​​Dating” is the highlight of the ProductBooster program. The founders get a short window of time to convince the entrepreneurs that they can profitably use their product. In addition, one of the eight startups will be honored this evening and will receive prize money from the Sparkasse Heidelberg.
The UP2B ProductBooster complements the two programs of startup BW Accelerator UP2B: The six-week Breakthrough program helps develop a business plan business idea, and the five-day Firecamp focuses on mentoring and initial investor contact. To make the leap from prototype to market, there is now the Product Booster. The organizers InnoWerft GmbH, Technologiepark Heidelberg and Startup Mannheim are pleased to receive numerous applications and would like to accompany founders with the UP2B ProductBooster on their way to success.
The following start-ups participate in the UP2B ProductBooster program:
Industry List
Treye tech
SFM Systems