Jonas Fuchs is a founder from Karlsruhe who gained experience in various fields through working in different B2B and technology-driven projects and companies over the last years. Identifying and connecting the right dots, analyzing projects and products, developing concepts and organizing teams are the main issues he masters on a daily basis. Currently he is CEO of a company called Usertimes, which provides services and tools in the domain of usability and user testing.


Description of the usability workshop at 19th and 20th November with Jonas Fuchs:
One of the worst things when trying to build a company is losing customers. The key to retaining as many  customers as possible is to understand them and create interfaces and services which are useful and usable! To help you iterate and validate your interfaces we provide you with the starter set for user testing. Starting with the bare basics we show you the first steps to take in user testing and all possibilities that are suitable for young startups. Here you can get hands-on experience and tools for direct and future use. We’ll conduct several live testing sessions and give you a full walkthrough of the process based on your individual product. The goal is to generate first insights and gain experience through practical research. We’ll equip you with a basic toolbox and documentation with best practices and methods – and empower you to boost your product!