Product Booster 2020 – six corporate partners want to pilot with B2B startups!

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Startup meets industry partner

The Up2B Product Booster connects IT and high-tech startups with medium-sized and international companies and helps them to successfully launch their product or service on the market. This year, the program of the state accelerator “Up2B” will once again act as a digital problem solver. The next Product Booster will be launched on 26 October 2020.
“Especially in challenging times like these, many companies ask themselves where they could digitize and how they could best implement their digitization wishes. This is where the Product Booster can help,” says Paul Becker, project manager in the Up2B Accelerator.
A prerequisite for the successful implementation of the program is the precisely tailored networking of established companies and start-ups. “The first step is to identify the challenges that the companies want to meet with smart start-up solutions. This is followed by an intensive search for start-ups that can solve these digital problems”. At times, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
“In addition, we have found that nothing moves early-stage startups forward more than direct customer contact. Developing products without customer contact is like poking around in a fog – only by chance is the result a product that is actually needed. Developing the product together with the customer is much more target-oriented. This is where we help start-ups to find the right business partners,” says Paul Becker.
In the past, the Up2B-Accelerator has already succeeded several times in bringing companies and start-ups together for successful development cooperation. One example is the startup sentin GmbH, which was able to start a cooperation with IDS Innovation GmbH via the Product Booster. IDS has succeeded in expanding its product range within the scope of the cooperation with sentin – from a pure hardware manufacturer to a full-service provider of industrial solutions. The company uses sentin’s software for this purpose. Conversely, sentin uses the industrial cameras from IDS – a cooperation from which both sides benefit.
Product Booster 2020: Problem solver for digital challenges
For the next Product Booster, which starts on 26 October and will run for five weeks this time, well-known industrial partners have again registered. “Among the participants are BASF, Freudenberg, IDS Innovation,” says Paul Becker.
Startups interested in the Product Booster can obtain information and register on the following website:
The Up2B Accelerator is a joint project of Technologiepark Heidelberg, Startup Mannheim and innoWerft Walldorf and is financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the European Social Fund (ESF).