Get to know our Up2B startups – Peers

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Peers, one of our participants at the Firecamp in July 2019, recently got an investment by the pre-seed investor First Momentum Ventures together with TRUMPF Venture fond. Peers had the opportunity to pitch their solution in front of First Momentum Ventures at the Firecamp finale event on 27th July 2019. Peers offers a platform for personnel development powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was founded in 2018 by Elisa Hertzler and David Topf.
The goal of Peers is to help employers to find the right training opportunities for each employee so that they can gain their most optimal learning experience and develop exactly those competencies that are needed in the industry. It is important for firms to train and develop their employees in order to stay competitive and be able to continuously adapt to changing business environments and new emerging technologies. Peers provide automated personalized learning paths all combined on one platform. They do not create their own learning content but rather act as an intermediate between traditional learning providers and  their customers, the employers. By doing this, they turn typical e-learning into training on sight.
According to First Momentum Ventures, Peers is entering a promising market at the right time. Industrial companies in Germany are increasingly aware of the shortage of skilled workers and the need to adapt their digitalization processes at the same time. First Momentum Ventures as well as TRUMPF ventures  firmly believes in the growth potential of Peers Solutions and so do we!
We congratulate Peers on their success and are excited to watch them move forward.
To find out more about why First Momentum Ventures chose to invest, read the article: