Get to know our Up2B startups – RefundRebel

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We’re always very proud to see startups that formerly participated in one of our Up2B programs grow and develop.
Refundrebel helps people traveling by train to get their proper refund in case of a delay without a lot of effort and pain. Their goal is to educate everyone using public transport about their passenger rights. They have a unique database of all train delays in Germany, which enables them to check in advance whether there’s a chance for a refund.
Refundrebel was founded in 2017 and is operating from Heidelberg. Since their founding, the level of automation has increased rapidly. They use OCR (optical character recognition) to read all relevant information out of a photo of the customer’s train ticket. The software can be used with almost all booking systems for business travelers, which means that refunds are automatically requested for the companies using these systems.
Refundrebel estimates its market potential to be huge. Accordingly, 2.1 Million requests for refund have been submitted to Deutsche Bahn last year. In the future, they are planning on developing another tool that would enable customers to estimate whether a certain connection is reliable in terms of delays by using big data analysis. Furthermore, they want to give valuable advice to their customers on how to avoid delays by booking cleverly and on how to even save money by doing so.
In February 2018 RefundRebel has been the winner of the Up2B Firecamp and got in touch with their main investor at the finale for the first time.
We’re excited to see Refundrebel grow!
Refundrebel recently gave an interview on what they have already achieved since their founding and what’s to come next.
Read the full interview here: