Up2B Startups

apic.ai logo

Visual analysis of pollinator
behaviour. Using honeybees as
biosensors to gain insights into the well-being of bees and the plant diversity in their environment.

actinate logo

Actinate is a SaaS Company that sells solutions to Gyms, Fitness Equipment Providers,
and Companies for their Corporate Fitness Program.

Datability Logo

Datability are offering software solutions to enable a seamless human machine collaboration with engineering
and AI!

openHandwerk Logo

openHandwerk is a Software as a
Service for craft businesses to
optimize and digitize their work.

inhubber logo

The world’s safest platform for B2B contract management and digital signatures.

othermo logo

othermo offers a solution to monitor and optimize heating systems.

Hyconnect Logo

Hyconnect enables industry to
break new ground through sustainable lightweight

motionminers logo

Motion-Mining is a technology to analyse manual working processes fully automated with the helf of sensors and AI to find
optimization potentials regarding
efficiency or ergonomics.

sklls logo

Sklls supports companies in developing their young professionals individually
and at an early stage by virtual
business coaching.

Weltenmacher Logo

Weltenmacher are creating
and providing serious games
and training solutions in VR

Knowledge Symphony Logo

Knowledge Symphony supports
machine manufacturers in
transferring knowledge to their
customers using video-based
instructions displayed on smart
glasses and standard devices.

Hivebuy Logo

Hivebuy is helping SMB’s to deal
with their business spend like

WearHealth Logo

WearHealth helps companies to assess, compare, and predict the safety and operational performance of manual tasks to reduce hidden risks and ensure operational excellence.

leanbyte logo

Leanbyte is the digital assistance
system for error-free work across
multiple and multilanguage
manufacturing sites.

Sonic Technology Logo

Sonic Technology enables their
customers to have smart factories in only 8 weeks.

Software solution for fire departments which automates drone missions based on common emergency scenarios & 3D models

The B2B platform for food ingredients connecting suppliers and food producers worldwide.

Software which considers and automatically optimizes company’s requirements, legal provisions, flexible working hours and employee wishes.

As a video-based knowledge platform, KnowKit guarantees long-term documentation of knowledge through images, audio, and text. 

Equintel embraces the world of ESG with Big Data and AI towards an objective, transparent and dynamic ESG assessment.

AWAKE is the first company using artificial intelligence to predict future vehicle breakdowns. 

ai-omatic offers a software solution in the area of predictive maintenance that makes it possible to easily predict machine failures.

 Their software KiManao analyses and combines people’s personalities, roles, values and ways of working. 

Their software mines research abstracts and automatically creates
Visual Abstracts in a standardized graphical layout.

They record  and evaluate sensor data with their compressed air box.  Concrete recommendations for optimization are given in reports.

They offer a fast and automated data catalog, initially targeting the Snowflake Data Warehouse (DWH) to help analytics teams collaborate better and get transparency.

Their core service is digital match-making between different stakeholders using machine learning algorithms.

They make it possible to receive spectral information of examined surfaces through the smartphone display and the front camera. 

A technology platform consisting of marker materials and detection methods.

Marketplace of AI-driven crypto trading bots which allows traders connecting to their favorite exchanges and start trading on auto-pilot.

QuadCover tools generate high quality meshes in seconds.


Databased automation and decision support made simple.

Cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System for industry 4.0 applications. 

A modern learning experience for companies that want the best for their employees.

Leanbyte® provides the basis for simple and standardized processmanagement combined with amultimedia knowledge database as “Software as a Service” (SaaS).

With the help of artificial intelligence, they ensure that cost-optimal order quantities are determined for each product.

Hardware and software for eyetracking technologies.

A social engine as an SaaS based on game theory that allows to compose organizations in a modular way.

For Companies: Find the suitable candidate for your company.For Young Professionals: Find a suitable job.

Mister Trip connects travelers with the best local travel agencies for tailor-made trips.

An internet platform designed to help business customers willing to develop their production in their purchase.

Smartivate builds the first online configurator platform for Smart-Home products under Plug-and-Play. The core of the platform is the Smart Home Configurator, which greatly simplifies the purchasing process and offers tailor-made product solutions.

PENTHA RESEARCH is compounded by experienced professionals in the healthcare field with expertise in clinical, pharmaceutical, medical device development and regulatory affairs areas with a long term working on basic and clinical research projects.

tye is a digital assistant for the care of existing customers. tye takes over the customer care and ensures up-to-date CRM data.

They provide customized research & development assignments for industries.

We combine cloud-based document management with data protection-compliant web analysis and make previously distorted interactions and interests visible and usable for you

Helping craftsman to cope with the flood of business information

With obob for smartphone and PC, you have project-related communication and documentation firmly in hand – like a good tool.

Personal Productivity Management Solution: Empowering employees to regain control over the time and tasks

Varomo is working on a mobile robotic table designed to make everyday life considerably easier for people with disabilities.

With MATEO, our mission is to provide the best possible leasing & management experience to the real estate industry.

New management system for the smart production of the future

Improving the way companies consume on-demand labor while including more people in the global economy.

We at Stastistance believe that analytics can be easy. With our Tools every employee in manufacturing can carry out data analysis and improve their processes by themselves.

A cloud solution for smart warehouse management & analytics with an interface/apps for mobile devices for stock-taking.

Secure Update and Patch Distribution for the Internet of Things

Carlotta is the first app for the EU car aftermarket . It bundles all essential services and providers for end customers

3Dpartzz makes medium-sized businesses fit for additive manufacturing. We developed algorithms and tools to identify, qualify, 3D-print and deliver millions of industrial parts on demand.

Development, production and distribution of exoskeletons as well as related support and training

Our platform for green and distributed cloud computing empowers innovative companies with sustainable and secure cloud computing services.

Through the metru webortal we put CV’s and coverletters asside and connect candidates and companies with time shifted video jobinterviews – personality instead of text matters.

Highly efficient and green cooling aggregates based on magnetocalorics.

A freemium B2B tool for digital ticketing.

The abaut GmbH brings embedded systems, IoT and artificial intelligence into the construction and mining industry.

apheris AI is connecting the world’s data. We empower companies to unlock insights from distributed datasets via federated and privacy preserving analytics & AI

Paperless production – this is how we understand industry 4.0. attenio develops software to achieve that goal. Our software TioPro supports the worker on the shop floor in the assembly of (complex) products.

Vypno provides deep learning solutions for asset tracking and object detection tasks, with a focus of using synthetic data.

Whelp is omnichannel conversational commerce and customer communication platform with payments built right into messaging.

AI Coaching offers an affordable, measurable and highly effective way for sales representatives to raise their sales.

Transolt provides Logistics 4.0 solutions for factories with self-driving transporters (SDT), fulfilling transportation services without the need for an operator and thus helps them to increase the workflow efficiency and to save staff costs.

Peers offers mass-individualized learning paths for production companies so that their employees can acquire the strategic skills necessary to succeed in the future. 

NordCheck – for automated compliance. NordCheck provides flexible, powerful compliance platform for managing compliance, regulatory, quality and reporting requirements in an efficient, comprehensive dynamic manner, especially in complex, global business context

sklls supports companies in developing and retaining young talents individually and at an early stage. Our digital assistants realize business coaching – 100% digital.

AiZUBIs support industrial processes by learning tasks like human beings from observation and interaction with experienced co-workers.

AUCTA allows companies to create, manage and distribute device- and platform-agnostic immersive training at scale.

Industry List is a web-based B2B manufacturer search platform with one goal: Offering product developers and buyers in the industry a fast, comprehensive and efficient manufacturer search for customized components.

flyingshapes disrupts the classic CAD design workflow and offers an integrated Virtual Reality design software for industrial and transportation designers. 

Embever helps companies to develop and scale-out low-energy IoT applications in the shortest time possible.

CROVE is the smart IoT glove that digitally tracks and processes audits and conditions in any industry and environment – while keeping the hands free.

CyberPhysics is a platform for industrial asset management using hybrid AI. We combine physics-based and data-driven modelling to deliver brand new prescriptive analytics for industrial companies, from oil&gas to energy and machinery.

GIRI: Industrial Augmented Reality instructions for everybody. Boost your team performance by intuitively creating distributing and using AR content in seconds.

Kokoro is making the unseen seen. With a SaaS solution we capture the key dimensions that transform the employee experience beyond the engagement survey.

Industrial machine vision you can afford

Panda Training supports managers (clients include Universal Pictures, SAP, Posti, Cramo) in strategy execution and people development with their hybrid human-led and chatbot micro-coaching service.

IoT and beyond! We combine business data and IT services in a simple and cost-effective manner, from acquisition to analysis up to effective control of value flows and transactions without programming.

RefundRebel enforces claims on compensation payments for rail passengers in case of train delays.

S4DX reduces preanalytical error of IoT based processes.

Providing ultrasonic announcements for smartphones in public transport and retail stores as Software as a Service.

IT-based security platform which protects from cyber attacks.

TREE-TOKENIZATION PLATFORM; carbon-credits generation; collectible tokens-trees for crypto-coin-collectors; a unique investment solution; a global marketplace for tokenized trees and carbon credits.

comuny provides a quick and cost-effective “out-of-the-box” implementation via SaaS model with the aim to design registration and authentication processes

Riso enables companies to pay out tax free salaries and wages.

Simple electronic submission of legally mandatory immediate registrations (Sofortmeldung) to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung by employers for employees 24-7-365.

MentalStark: Psychological support in gynecology. Digital, secure and individual. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

MinkTec is developing a flexible sensor strip, the so-called FlexTail, which can measure its own shape and display it on any device.

BioChip Systems is a research-driven provider of bioelectronic applications.

Enter member description here which describes the position of member in company

BRC Solar GmbH develops customized performance optimizers for the photovoltaic market in order to improve the efficiency of the modules. The electronics can be retrofitted as an add-on or integrated into the module.

digital praxis administration software in the cloud for foot care and podiatry

Hybrid model: The robo- advisor will use artificial intelligence and algorithms to allocate assets according to individual client’s goals. Human touch for education and more sensitive issues like estate planning, death, concierge services etc. Impact fund to help other women advance their causes. Virtual Reality will be used as an immersive experience to explore and simulate lifecycles through retirement in order to emphasize all aspects of wealth management.

LexaTexer offers predictive analytics, to help corporations direct decision making by integrating and analyzing unstructured and numerical information with machine learning technology. LexaTexer is lightweight platform technology which lets you rapidly build, integrate and scale data driven, AI applications.

ZREALITY created the world’s first platform for Cross Reality. Customers can visualize any product interactive for marketing, sales, training and engineering purposes in 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality

rabbitAI is the shortcut towards your computer vision AI solution: Minimizing acquisition effort with re-usable real-life training data.

Sooqua is a Predictive Maintenance Tool for utilities and producing companies that shows the pipes’ leakage status and predicts pipe bursts by analyzing existing sensor data with a combination of self developed (machine learning) algorithms and thus enables plannability and reduces costs.

Isarsoft – precise, realtime data analysis for public transport and smart cities.

We build a user-friendly vision AI that understands the world. We apply it in various domains such as quality assurance, identification, intralogistics and robot control.

sentin teaches machines to see. Our AI-supported image processing software enables automatic and more accurate detection of defects in visual and image-based inspection procedures.

Today’s potential of AI applications is limited by hardware efficiency. With its innovative new device design, SEMRON will create world’s most energy-efficient AI chip.

We provide automated, fast and easy AI object detection for quality assurance and worker support.

Plasmion developed an „electronic nose sensor” that enables real-time online monitoring of any kind of odor or volatile organic compounds in almost any industrial environment.

We help mechanical engineers to understand complex datasets.

Unikraft.io: It’s Time to Seriously Reduce your Cloud Infrastructure Bills

We provide clean label & biodegradable solutions for personal care and food products.

Staymate provides a “Chatbot-as-a-Service” which service providers can instantly connect to their Facebook page to make appointment booking for their clients a straight-forward experience.

eliso builds charging infrastructure for corporate customers. Eliso developed a comprehensive and tailor-made service portfolio for this purpose: From planning to installation to operation.

Save time with MergeBoard, the smart and streamlined code review platform for your everyday needs as a developer.

RoadAds interactive offers digital advertising boards in different sizes for vans and trucks.

LumiScan technology-based 3D scanners allow robots to see better than humans. Our philosophy is to make it easy for our customers to use LumiScan products to provide machine vision solutions in production for all machine vision and quality inspection.

paretos provides a platform with the latest AI methods to generate dynamic insights from your data – without any integration costs or data science expertise

At sereact we build an adaptable AI to bring a new era of intelligent robots to commercial viability. We unleash the power of AI to enable our customers to close automation gaps and reach a new level of cost-efficiency.

Mimetik provides seamless interactions with millions of devices. Our technology allows to precisely track hand motion in real time with negative latency. AI processes the hand motion data and environmental information to give a human-like perception to machines.

Wattro Asset Tracking is the digital management system for the entire inventory – thanks to our automated device checkout, you always know who is currently using your equipment.

Neutroon is a 5G-as-a-Service platform that enables enterprise IT teams to seamlessly deploy and manage their private 5G networks from the cloud and safely connect network data to third-party apps via API (if the title is too long you cut what goes after the word cloud

Your expert for intelligent, affordable transport automation.

DeepVA simplifies the way we use AI to gain insight from visual data using a comprehensive END-2-END computer vision platform.

latAI is an R&D company that develops prototypes and products using technologies like Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Rapid Prototyping and IoT.

We are the autopilot of B2B Sales – Automated Cross-Selling, Churn and Pricing recommendations using Artificial Intelligence.

Digital meeting room schedule; hard- and software.


What is Up2B and how does it benefit startups?

Up2B is an accelerator program that specifically targets B2B and industry tech startups. The accelerator consists of 5 different programs with different focuses. More information on the individual programs can be found on the respective program pages of Breakthrough, Product Booster, Firecamp, Scale Up and Market Discovery.

All programs also have a special benefit for you. You get to know companies and experienced experts as mentors. You get maximum input in a short time that really accelerates your startup. And of course we also connect you with financially strong investors. Be part of it and apply today!

Which program is suitable for my startup?

All our programs are aimed at startups at different stages of maturity. If you are at the very beginning and have just founded or are even in the process of founding, Breakthrough is the right choice for you. 

Firecamp is suitable for you if you want to improve your appearance towards investors and companies in one week. The week is very intensive and is rounded off by a big pitch event.

Product Booster is about finding a pilot customer and convincing them of your product. Product market fit is the goal of the program. Check directly if there is a company challenge this year that fits your startup.

You’ve already found your product-market fit and are about to scale? In our Scale Up program, you will receive input on all topics related to scaling in 3.5 days. Take a look at the program page to see if your startup qualifies for Scale Up.

Are you a startup from abroad and would like to get to know the hidden champions in Baden-Württemberg? Then Market Discovery is your program. 

Can I participate in several programs?

Yes, of course! We are convinced of our programs and so are our alumni. That’s why we allow participation in several Up2B programs. Often we receive a lot of applications for one program, so we cannot guarantee you a safe participation in all programs. Feel free to start with one program and let us see how it goes for you.

What does Up2B cost?

All Up2B programs are completely free of charge for you as a startup! We are funded by the Startup BW program of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics. We also have great corporate partners and experts who actively support us in putting together a profitable program for you. If you’re convinced, feel free to spread the word!

Which companies will I get to know?

In all programs, we bring you into contact with corporate partners. These vary depending on the program. On the individual program pages you will find an overview of which companies have participated in previous years. These include SAP, BASF, ABB, KPMG, Röchling and many more! It is important to us that every startup meets a potential partner or customer. That’s why we often first look at which companies are suitable for the startups after the selection process. Then we invite suitable companies. 

Which mentors will I meet?

Over the past years, more than 60 different mentors have supported Up2B and the participating startups with their expertise. You can find the mentors of the past programs on the respective program pages. If you would like to recommend a mentor for Up2B, please let us know.