Up2B Breakthrough application open with the 1st time chance to get 100.000€ pre-seed bw investment

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The application form for our six-weeks program is open! Get ready to build your business! For entrepreneurs seeking for intensive support and networks to validate their business.
Apply here: www.up2b.io/breakthrough
What you get
You come with a vague idea of a future business and you leave with a sound B2B business model, proven product knowledge, and connections with potential partners and customers respectively. You and your team mates have six weeks’ time to develop your founder team as well as your business idea towards a validation-ready business model.
Who should apply
Up2B Breakthrough is our early-stage program. Yet, applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A tech business concept with B2B focus
  • From the field of IT, digital or high-tech
  • In the early-stage with a vague idea of a future business

Program objective
After successful completion of our Up2B Breakthrough program, participants will have

  • Knowledge about how to turn a business idea into a validation-ready business model
  • Contact to pre-seed investors
  • First contacts to potential clients

Plus: Pre-seed bw – your chance for 100.000€ investment
The Baden-Württemberg government will pilot a new pre-seed investment program in which the Up2B accelerator will participate as a partner. Tickets of typically 100 k€ will be available for Up2B participants. After the final of each Up2B program, a jury will nominate the most convincing start-up teams to participate in the pre-seed program. If the nominees succeed in convincing the pre-seed committee, a financing of 100 k€ is secured.
Apply now to become a part of our Up2B Breakthrough 2018!