Up2B on tour – Berlin calling!

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The startup support in Berlin is outstanding, competing with the world´s best startups hubs San Francisco or Tel Aviv.
Since we are always looking to improve the Up2B Accelerator and its programs, we decided to take a trip to Berlin´s best accelerator programs.
On 8th and 9th March Thomas Prexl and Paul Becker from the Up2B Accelerator Team took the ICE from Berlin to visit 3 accelerator programs in 2 days.
First station: SAP IoT Accelerator.
Christian Bacher, Director Startup Engagement @ SAP IoT Accelerator welcomed us the at the SAP Data Hub. He showed us how SAP supports IoT startups by helping startups dock and integrate their solutions into SAP systems. Startups with SAP integration have access to a large number of potential customers in this way. Startups that participate in the SAP IoT Accelerator are internationally based. Up2B startups are potentially suitable for participating in the SAP IoT Accelerator as soon as they reach the growing stage and integration in SAP makes sense.
After the meeting with Christian we allowed ourselves to enjoy the evening with a short sightseeing trip to the Brandenburg Tor and the Reichstag and from there to the Berlin localities for dinner.
Second station: Atomleap Accelerator and Collidercamp
On the second day we went directly to the Atomleap Accelerator and the Collidercamp, to a meeting with the managers of the accelerator Konstanze Neumann and Kirsten Winterfeld.
Atomleap / Collidercamp is not a pure hardware accelerator that only supports product development. Much more, the accelerator has become an “all-round” support program, from product development to startup business know how startups are widely supported. Atomleap / Collidercamp is an ideal place for startups who are looking for an accelerator program in Berlin to experience Berlin´s spirit.
Third stage: Betahaus Berlin and Hardware.co Accelerator
Without a break we went to the world-famous Betahaus with the in-house Hardware.co accelerator to a meeting with COO of Betahaus Iva Jankovic. Check out the amazing Hardware.co video on their website! It´s worth a view!
Unlike the name suggests, Hardware.co does not provide direct and targeted support for prototype construction in the in-house workshop atelier. Hardware.co is very successful in implementing the need-driven approach with companies. Corporations can coollaborate with Hardware.co accelerator by putting challenges to achieve in-house innovation goals and solve real problems. The collaboration with corporates at Betahais is outstanding! Up2B will think about implementing that need-driven approach into the programs. Since we have a lot of corporates in the Rhine-Neckar region, the chances for successful collaboration with the corporates are very high. Very inspiring meeting, an incredible amount of enthusiasm among all participants and pure startup spirit! Thanks you Iva!
We would like to thank the “Berliner” for sharing all that insights with us.
Be curious how we will transfer our impressions and insights into action!
Your Up2B Accelerator Team