• Up2B Breakthrough

    Six-weeks Accelerator
    for B2B Startups!

    20th April – 29th May 2020

    Selection Days:

    1st – 2nd April 2020

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Up2B Breakthrough

Who you are

  • Entrepreneurs aiming to challenge themselves to boost their business
  • Starting- up a tech business with B2B focus
  • From the field of IT, digital or deep-tech

Program Period

20th April – 29th May 2020

Program Language


Program Location

Germany: Walldorf, Mannheim and Heidelberg

What you can expect

Six challenging weeks to boost your startup and to get access to our B2B world

  • Selected workshops to sharpen your business know-how
  • One-on-one coachings with mentors and B2B experts
  • Demo Day to pitch your startup in front of our industry network
  • A chance to become elected for Start-up BW Pre-Seed
  • Free participation

The program

Six weeks to get access to our B2B world

You’ve stumbled across a potential customer need but are not sure about whether it’s a problem worth solving? You’ve gathered one or two potential co-founders but don’t know about how to create a fast-growing startup?

Up2B Breakthough is all about getting a clear picture about what we call problem-solution fit. We’ll support you in asking the right questions and find potential customers. You’ll also learn a lot about best-practice in starting a company.

The workshops, one-on-one coachings and customer deep-dives will take Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday to Sunday you will find enough time to implement your insights. If you need, with our support!

After getting a clear picture about your startup, your business model and growth strategy, you will get the chance to pitch for BW Pre-Seed and get access to our network of potential customers. Getting forward will require your passion and work. Only the best startups will make it to reach investors and potential customers.

*Start-up BW Pre-Seed

Pre-Seed BW enables startups to receive 50,000 – 200,000 Euro in funding if they qualify and find a co-investor for 20% of the total investment. Terms and conditions apply. For detailed information please visit the Pre-Seed Site of Start-up BW or contact us.

  • Kick-off

    20.04.2020: Get to know each other and start the journey with us.

  • Business Model & Markets

    With the support of our coaches you will clearly define your business model and understand your markets.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Our coaches will help you to become a sales champ! You will understand how to build a sales funnel and online marketing strategy tailored for your B2B business.

  • Midterm Pitch

    Only the startups with the best progress will continue the program.

  • Product Development

    Define your product-market fit with the help of potential customers. Build it right away.

  • Finance

    We will coach you to think like an investor in terms of your startup financials.

  • Pitch Preparation

    There´s no second chance for the first impression! With the support of our pitch trainers, you will prepare the best possible pitch deck and also be trained in your stage presence.

  • Demo Day

    29.05.2020: Pitch your startup, meet our industry network and qualify for Pre-Seed BW.

Coaches you will meet

Breakthrough Review

“The program is an absolute benefit for every startup. Due to the strict program and timelines, you are triggered to move your idea forward within a short time. The precise and professional feedback gives you ideas, you would have never came up with. The program is a real accelerator.”

Julien WenglorzCo-founder of tino UG

“Breakthrough is a great experience and possibility for early stage IT-startups to prove their concept in a short time in front of experts.”

Dominic SepetavcFounder Motovio

“We have been introduced into the German startup world, it took us to another level.”

Karandip SinghFounder Grapheme

“Great program for entering the startup stage. Didn´t regret a single day invested. And hell, I was busy.”

Berkun CulhaFounder Schedule Display

“Great program. Excellent coaches, investors, partners and other startups. It was an intense and fun time at Breakthrough.”

Thomas LinkCo-founder Varomo UG

“Come as a rookie – work hard – leave as a founder.”

Matthias LutheCo-founder Friedhofsglück and winner of Up2B Breakthrough 2017

Apply now

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can apply?

Startups from the field of IT, digital and high-tech with a B2B focus!

When is the application deadline?

On the 15th March 2020, 23:59. We can not consider further applications after the deadline.

I am the only founder in the company. Can I apply?

No! You need to be present as a team, because we will have several coaching points that will strengthen and develop the startup team.

We have not founded the company yet. Can we also apply?

Yes, we consider startups no matter if they have founded a company already or not.

When do you decide if our team can participate in the Breakthrough?

We will invite you for our pre-selection days on 01st – 02nd April. There might be the possibility to also contact you via Skype or Phone if you have a long distance to travel to our pre-selection days.

Is it necessary to be on site every day for the whole team?

At least one of you has be present during the program period. No show is an exclusion criteria.

At the team building sessions, the whole team must be present.

Do we have to pay for the participation or give shares of our company?

No, the program is for free!

What is the program language?

English! All workshops, presentations and your pitches as well as your application have to be in english, since we expect also international participants. Some of our experts and mentors as well as investors are international too.

We do have further questions. Who can we contact?

Please contact Maren Osterlitz
Phone: + 49 171 9332877

What is Start-up BW Pre-Seed?

Pre-Seed BW enables startups to receive 50,000 – 200,000 Euro in funding if they qualify and find a co-investor for 20% of the total investment. Terms and conditions apply. For detailed information please visit the Pre-Seed Site of Start-up BW or contact us.



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