Up2B Sales Bootcamp

Two days Accelerator program for B2B Startups!

17th - 18th November 2021

What Up2B Sales Bootcamp offers you

Meet experts from the field of B2B sales

Boost your startups growth by improving your sales processes

Train with our sales coaches and close more deals in the future

Who you are

  • You are an industrial- or tech-startup with a clear B2B focus
  • You have a product that can be sold
  • Your goal is to improve your sales structures and processes

What you can expect

Two days full of hands-on advice, best practices and coaching sessions that will boost your startups future growth!

  • Keynotes from advanced startups and experts
  • Focus sessions on selected topics from the field of B2B sales
  • Individual one-on-one coachings with our coaches 

Program Location

Online only!
Due to covid-19 all coachings and network activities will take place as a virtual format.

That means for you:

  • You can stay at home and still benefit from the keynotes and personal coaching sessions
  • You save costs and travel time
  • You keep your carbon footprint low

Program Period

The Up2B Sales Bootcamp will take place on the 17th and 18th November 2021

Application deadline is the 24th of October

Program Language

English & German

The Program

Two days full of hands-on advice and individual mentorings with renowned sales experts!

In the past years we have worked with a lot of B2B startups. One thing many of them had in common is the lack of professional sales structures and processes. That is why we decided to enhance our offering by introducing the Up2B Sales Bootcamp. 

The Up2B Sales Bootcamp is a fully digital, two-day accelerator program for industry- and tech-startups that have a B2B focus. 

In the two days you will meet the Up2B Team and have the chance to grow your network. In our focus sessions experts will guide you through the most important topics in B2B sales. On top of that each day features a 90 minute one-on-one mentoring session with one of our sales coaches, so you can talk about your individual case.

We know how busy the life of a founder is, so we decided to keep the program short and crisp! All sessions will be digital, so you can participate from anywhere. Furthermore the program is free of cost. All we ask of you is to be fully present and focused. Please make sure that at least one of you is present during all sessions. A no-show for any of the sessions is an exclusion criteria. 

Apply now and boost your startups growth by acquiring more leads and closing more deals in the future!

Up2B Sales Bootcamp Timetable

Coaches you will meet

Lily Mizani Sales Coach @ Up2B Sales Bootcamp

Lily Mizani

Founder & CEO of Heart Core Sales
Manuel Hartmann Sales Coach @ Up2B Sales Bootcamp

Manuel Hartmann

Founder & CEO of SalesPlaybook
Marcel Pfenning Sales Coach @ Up2B Accelerator

Marcel Pfenning

Sales Coach & Co-Founder of SaleUp
Arne Böhm Sales Coach @ Up2B Sales Bootcamp

Arne Böhm

Sales Coach & Co-Founder of SaleUp
Patrick Briennen-Lucius Keynote Speaker Up2B Sales Bootcamp

Patrick Brienen-Lucius

Consultant & Coach for B2B Marketing and Sales - Keynote Speaker
Valentin Splett Up2B Accelerator Sales Coach

Valentin Splett

Sales Coach & Founder of PeakSpirit
Constantin Papadopoulos Sales Coach at Up2B Accelerator

Constantin Papadopoulos

Sales Coach & Co-Founder of Snipers.Sale

Corporates you will meet

Application closed for 2021!


Who can apply?

Startups from the field of IT, digital and high-tech with a B2B focus and the goal to improve their sales structures and processes.


When is the application deadline?

11:59pm on Sunday the 24th of October 2021


We have not founded the company yet. Can we also apply?

Yes, we consider startups no matter if they have founded a company already or not. Nonetheless, the Sales Bootcamp makes more sense for startups that have already achieved product-market fit or have an MVP which is ready to be sold. If you are an early-stage startup our Breakthrough program might be better suited for you. 

I am the only founder in the company. Can I apply?

Yes! But in our selection of the participants we will prefer startups that have already achieved product-market fit or have a MVP which is ready to be sold.

When do you decide if our team can participate at the Sales Bootcamp?

We will select the attending startups in the week from the 25th – 29th October. 

If you apply for the program please make sure that one of you can participate on the 17th and 18th of November.

Is it necessary to be present at every program day for the whole team?

At least one of you has be present during the whole program period. No show is an exclusion criteria.

Do we have to pay for the participation or give shares of our company?

No, the program is free of charge or equity! The program is funded by Baden-Württembergs Startup BW campaign.

What is the program language?

English and German.

Your contact person

Florian Röttgen Project Manager Up2B Accelerator

Florian Röttgen

Project Manager – Up2B Accelerator & NEXT Mannheim

+49 0176 46 79 85 02


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