Learn how to scale your startup!

17th February - 4th March 2022

Up2B Scale Up

Mastering the art of scaling your business!

17th February – 4th March 2022

Virtual and in person event!

What Up2B Scale Up offers you

Pitch in front of 30 VCs and Business Angels

Access to our industry partners

Individual mentorings with proven experts

Up2B Scale Up

Who you are

Mastering the art of growing your business!

Welcome to Up2B Scale Up!

A program for potential scale-ups that want to master the art of growing their business.

Taking the step from being a small startup to becoming a fast-growing scale-up is challenging for most companies.

Introducing structures that allow growth whilst maintaing the innovative spirit of a start-up. Hiring and maintaining talent. Akquiring and managing a growing customer base.

All of this while being on the lookout for new funding sources to cover your growing financial needs.

No wonder many startups fail to make this transition.

This is where the Up2B Accelerator comes in!

We identified the key challenges for startups at this stage and have invited international experts and successful entrepreneurs to teach you state-of-the-art frameworks and give you best practices on how to scale your company.

Scale Up is a three and a half day program full of interesting insights, inspiring discussions and workshops. Our goal is to offer you a place that encourages an open exchange with like-minded people, companies and experts. At the end of the program, we want you to walk away with a new perspective on scale-ups in Germany, a stronger network, and a practicable plan that will help your companies growth in the future!

  • You are a digital or high-tech startup with a clear B2B focus and a scalable business model
  • Your startup is less than 5 years old
  • You want to take the next step from startup to scale up
  • You have more than 10 employees
  • 1-2 years of revenue and customer growth

What can you expect

  • A three and a half day program, that will help your startup take the next step!
  • Hands-on workshops and focus sessions
  • Individual mentoring sessions
  • In-depth panels with successful scale-ups
  • Inspiring fireside chats
  • Free of charge participation

Program Period

3,5 days of program

17th February – 4th March 2022

Program Location

All events will take place as a hybrid format. You decide whether you will attend online or live @ MAFINEX Mannheim and Business Development Center Heidelberg

Program Language


People involved in Scale Up 2021

Dima Sarle

Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker.

Leo Grafmüller

Business Model Innovation Manager @ HIMA / himalaya exploration lab

Peter Fricke

Head of Deutsche Boerse Venture Network

Catharina Roese

Sales & Business Development Manager bei Deutsche Börse Venture Network

Robert Leinders-Krog

CEO of XY01, advisor, growth-hacker.

Mark Miller

One of the founders of Carlsquare

Tara Akhavan

Award-winning technology entrepreneur

Bernd Korz

CEO/CVO @alugha

Miroslav Dimitrov

Head of SAP.iO Foundry Berlin. Expert in SaaS B2B startups

Jeff Perlman

Founder and Consultant, Revenue Ninja; ex-CEO, OneSaas (acquired by Intuit)

Christoph Zöller

Founder @ Instaffo

Ilhan Scheer

Managing Director at Accenture, Founder& CEO fable+

Carlyn Gabon

Senior Manager, Growth @ Wingcopter

Alberto Pérez-Arranz

Head of Portfolio & Investments @ Wayra

Fabian Silberer

CEO & Co-Founder @ sevDesk

Lena Esseln

Startup Scout & Advisor @ German Accelerator

Thomas Hipp

Research associate at University of Mannheim & Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MCEI)

Nora Zybura

Management scholar at University of Mannheim & Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MCEI)

Jenny von Podewils

Co-CEO of Leapsome
Manuel Hartmann Sales Coach @ Up2B Sales Bootcamp

Manuel Hartmann

B2B sales expert & founder of https://thesalesplaybook.io/

Christian Dahlen

Vice President at SAP. Software Executive and Investor

Jason Van

Jason is the CTO and Co-Founder of hoolah

Claire Mula

Technology entrepreneur, founder of Sprooki & scale-up expert.

Nikolai Ladanyi

Active entrepreneur and angel investor. Scaling Up coach.

Ian O’Rourke

Founder & CEO Adthena Ltd


Who can apply?

All Startups that fulfill the following criteria:

  • you are a digital or high-tech startup with a clear B2B focus and a scalable business model
  • less than 5 years old
  • you want to take the next step from startup to scale up
  • you have more than 10 employees
  • 1-2 years of revenue and customer growth
When is the application deadline?

On January 20, 2022, 23:59. We can not consider further applications after the deadline.

We have not founded the company yet. Can we also apply?

No. Scale Up is a program for advanced start-ups. If you are the founder of an early stage start-up or plan to found a startup soon, you should have a look at our other Accelerator programs.

When do you decide if our team can participate in the Scale Up program?

The application deadline is 16th of May. Soon after the Scale Up organization team will decide if you are among the participants

There might be the possibility to contact you via Skype or Phone if we have some question regarding your startup and your team.

Is it necessary to be on site every day for the whole team?

At least one of you has be present during the program period, either online or onsite. No show is an exclusion criteria.

Do we have to pay for the participation or give shares of our company?

No, the program is for free! We also do not take any equity!

What is the program language?

English! All workshops, presentations and your pitches as well as your application have to be in english, since we expect also international participants. Some of our experts and mentors as well as investors are international too.

What about the COVID-19 situation? Will the event be live or digital?

Scale Up will be a hybrid-event with both digital and live formats.

The live events will take place @ MAFINEX Mannheim & Business Development Center Heidelberg.

We will also provide online streams for participants who can’t come to Mannheim / Heidelberg.

We do have further questions. Who can we contact?

Please contact Anna Hüttl

Phone: +49 159 06133911

Apply now until 6th of January 2022!

Your contact person

Anna Huettl

Anna Hüttl

Project Coordinator – Next Mannheim

+49 159 06133911

+49 159 06133911

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