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    The Up2B accelerator programs offer tools and feedback for entrepreneurs

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Your accelerator programs for business-to-business startups

Our mission

Digitalization drives innovation. We strongly believe that we have hardly seen the beginning. This is especially true for business-to-business interactions.

We strive to identify, select and support high-potential early stage startups. If you are working on an IT-based idea to create value for business customers, we would like to get to know you.

Our offer

Tailor-made accelerator programs for early stage business-to-business startups:  Everything you need to elevate your IT business to the next level.

Within one of the most attractive regions for business-to-business startups, we offer various programs packed with mentoring, coaching and – if you make it – access to our network of investors and potential customers.

Our ask

Participation in Up2B accelerator programs is absolutely free of charge! We do not ask for fees and we do not take an equity stake of your company.

This does not mean that we are undemanding: In addition to active participation, we expect participants to support each other and actively giving back to the community after they have succeeded in our programs.

Choose your program

From idea to minimum viable product in nine weeks. Our program for earliest stage startups.

Get ready for your first round of (serious) investment. Our five-day intensive coaching program for those who are “investment ready”.

We are constantly evolving and extending our accelerator programs. Check back soon to find out about new opportunities!

One of the best regions for business-to-business ventures

Up2B Region: Powerhouse for economic growth

There are many great places to start your IT company.

But if your idea is build around a business-to-business proposition, you should not settle for less then the Up2B region.

Situated in the south-west of Germany, in the middle of one of the economically strongest regions of Europe, you will find what will make the difference: corporate customers.

Chemistry, life sciences, IT or automotive – within a one hour drive you will find plenty of potential business partners.

If you want to succeed in b2b, check out the Up2B accelerator programs!

  • Mannheim / Heidelberg / Waldorf

    Welcome to the Up2B region: Your place to start a business-to-business company

  • Global Players and German Mittelstand

    Your customers: One of the highest densities of global players, German “Mittelstand” and small companies in Europe

  • One of the nicest places to live, work and succeed

    Quality of life: You will love cultural activities, sports, landscape or nightlife surrounding our accelerator programs

Executive Summary

From idea to minimum viable product: Our earliest stage program gets entrepreneurs off the ground. First time entrepreneurs are introduced to state of the art innovation methods like design thinking and business model innovation to structure their upcoming ventures and receive feedback and coaching from experienced mentors.

Who should apply

Up2B Breakthrough is our earliest stage program. Yet, applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • An elaborate idea for their startups
  • A team of at least two founders
  • First understanding of their business model and market potential
Program objective

After successful completion of our Up2B Breakthrough program, participants will have

  • A clear business model
  • A minimum viable product
  • First feedback from potential customers
  • A clear structure for their startups

Executive Summary

Groom your startup for your first substantial round of investment: Our five-day intensive coaching and mentoring program helps startups which are investment ready to get going. Two days of blunt feedback from industry experts and one-on-one discussions with corporate customers will harden your startup to find a business angel or venture capital investor.

Who should apply

Participants of our Up2B Breakthrough program typically feature

  • A clear business model and clear understanding of their business plan
  • A pitch deck – ready to be taken to pieces by our experts
  • A working prototype of their product or service
  • First leads or customers
Program objective

After successful participation in our Up2B Firecamp, participants will

  • have an answer to nearly any question an investor or customer could possibly ask
  • a great pitch presentation
  • the chance to be introduced to our network of investors and corporations

Imprint / Impressum

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