• Accelerate your business-to-business startup!

    The Up2B accelerator offers various programs to elevate your startup to the next stage

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  • Validate your business idea

    The Up2B accelerator programs offer tools and feedback for entrepreneurs

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  • Improve your product or service!

    The Up2B accelerator programs supports your growth and scaling

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  • Get funded!

    The Up2B accelerator programs enables startups to approach investors

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We support your business-to-business startup

Meet potential customers

Get honest feedback from matched potential customers and start your pilot projects.

Get individual and personal support

We will stand on your side. We will provide you with the contacts you need. We are your partners as long as you want us to be.

Benefit from our community

Our community of experts, mentors and alumni share their experiences and knowledge. They have answers to all your questions.

Choose your program

For Early-Stage Startups

Six inspiring weeks to unfold the full potential of your startup and to get access to our B2B ecosystem.

From 12.04. – 21.05.2021

For Market-Ready Startups

Five-weeks program to pilot with corporate partners and to reach the desired goal – your product-market fit.

From 25.10. – 26.11.2021

For Investment-Ready Startups

Get ready for your first round of investment in five days!

Our intensive mentoring and coaching program for those who are seeking B2B customers and investors.

From 19.07. – 23.07.2021

For advanced Startups willing to scale up.

Learn the foundations of scaling your business!

In our three-and-a-half day program you get exactly the know-how you need as a CEO to scale your company.

From 10.06. – 25.06.2021

Up2B Firecamp Finale 2019

What startups and experts say about Up2B

“The Up2B Firecamp was the most intense coaching week of my life. I took a lot of things with me and now I even go home as a winner. The program is unique in its intensity in the startup scene. I can recommend every startup to apply for the next Firecamp.”

Andreas WidmannFounder of RoadAds and winner of the Firecamp 2017.

“Please repeat that format! It’s the best format you can find in the Rhine-Neckar region.”

Daniel SzkutnikManaging Director & founder of Julie Soley GmbH

“We made further progress in the Up2B Firecamp week than the whole last year.”

Timm CzarneckiCo-founder of BRC

“The level of mentors, coaches and corporates were impressive and the content and program helped us incredibly to further shape and tailor our business.”

Sascha KronbergFounder of Sales Marshal

“Brilliant mentors, brilliant contacts, great organization!”

Stefan NitzCo-founder of RefundRebel GmbH and winner of Firecamp 2018

“The Up2B Breakthrough & Firecamp were amazing programs. The Up2B team has helped getting us connected with investors at pitch events which we never would have found ourselves!”

Markus BeckCo-founder and CEO of tye GmbH

“Great program for entering the startup stage. Didn´t regret a single day invested. And hell, I was busy.”

Berkun CulhaFounder Schedule Display

“Rather than reading 100 books and watching thousands of videos, take your chance and talk to people that have seen every challenge you‘ll face already”

Richard DihenFounder & CEO of Di.Ri Social Media

“The Up2B ProductBooster helps you to polish your product by examining it from different angles with the support of experts.”

Dennis WestermannFounder of palin.io

“If you have a great idea, and you want to develop a great product that people will love, the Up2B ProductBooster is great for you.”

Philipp RathjenCo-founder Prospeum

Up2B Product Booster Finale 2020

One of the best regions for business-to-business ventures

Up2B Region: Powerhouse for economic growth

There are many great places to start your IT company.

But if your idea is built around a business-to-business proposition, you should not settle for less then the Up2B region.

Situated in the south-west of Germany, in the middle of one of the economically strongest regions of Europe, you will find what will make the difference: corporate customers from the DAX, German Mittelstand and Hidden Champions.

Chemistry, life sciences, IT or automotive – within a one hour drive you will find plenty of potential business partners.

If you want to succeed in b2b, check out the Up2B accelerator programs!

  • Mannheim / Heidelberg / Waldorf

    Welcome to the Up2B region: Your place to start a business-to-business company

  • Global Players and German Mittelstand

    Your customers: One of the highest densities of global players, German “Mittelstand” and small companies in Europe

  • One of the nicest places to live, work and succeed

    Quality of life: You will love cultural activities, sports, landscape or nightlife surrounding our accelerator programs

You’ve stumbled across a potential customer need but are not sure about whether it’s a problem worth solving? You’ve gathered one or two potential co-founders but don’t know about how to create a fast-growing startup?

Up2B Breakthough is all about getting a clear picture about what we call problem-solution fit. We’ll support you in asking the right questions and find potential customers. You’ll also learn a lot about best-practice in starting a company.

Up2B ProductBooster – the fastest track to your customer! 

  • Contacts to corporates that want to pilot with you
  • Access to our corporate network with corporates from DAX and German Mittelstand
  • High-quality coachings to polish your product
  • Free participation incl. food and drinks
  • Optional: One-on-one mentoring sessions with experts (IT-Lawyer, Software-Developer, UX Consultants, CEOs/CTOs etc.)
  • Optional: Coworking spaces to work on your product during the program period

Prepare your startup for your first substantial round of investment: Our five-day intensive coaching and mentoring program helps startups which are investment ready to get going. Two days of honest feedback from industry experts and one-on-one discussions with corporate customers will prepare your startup to find a business angel or venture capital investor.

Corporates involved in Up2B